March 20, 2010

Film Review: She's Out of My League

Jay Baruchel's debut leading role went okay. Alice Eve is hot. I don't understand what happened in the pivotal scene in the movie. That pretty much sums things up for this sometimes but not always funny release that was touted as the "funniest movie since The Hangover. I don't know if it was that, but it certainly was at least entertaining for the majority of the running time.

Some of the jokes were tired but reimagined, like the ball shaving jokes that seemed like it was going to be an exact replica of American Wedding, but wasn't. But most of the movie was simply plain fun with a little bit of romantic comedy mixed in. While definitely not a chick flick, it would have been enjoyable for everyone, rather than the movie to go see with the boys, but still enough raunchy humor that you wouldn't give up your man card for not taking a date.

No one is going to be nominated for an Oscar or a Golden Globe here, but the acting was sufficient for a movie of this type. Kyle Bornheimer's character reminded me of Sean Astin in 50 First Dates, inasmuch as he seemed like he was on steroids and was overaggressive towards everyone, but mostly in that endearing sort of way that these movies seem to foster for those characters. 

If there's one thing that bothered me about the movie was that there were so many jokes, both good and bad, that with the exception of the two main characters (played by Baruchel and Eve), there was almost no time spent on any of the other characters at all. Devon, played by Nate Torrence, who was the awkwardly ambisexual friend, was funny but barely a side character for most of the movie. I suppose, also, that it would have been cliche for the angry best friends to get together, but that being said, there's always so many ways to go with that storyline that it's usually funny.

The movie certainly wasn't a waste of time, except that some of the storyline was mishandled in favor of loading it with as many jokes as could be fit into an hour and forty minutes.


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