March 23, 2010

Gaslight Anthem set 'American Slang' release date, release new single, also called "American Slang"

The Gaslight Anthem set a release date for their upcoming album, American Slang. You'll be able to pick up your much anticipated (if you're into them) copy on June 14th. Though they promised to be done touring for a while last October when they finished a marathon tour at the Double Door in Chicago, I'm sure that you can expect the old style New Jersey rockers to be back on the road before the summer is out.

As told to Brian Fallon said that this album will "take you on much more of a ride than the last one." Though they're keeping their style, the songs on this one "sound really big." "Not bigger in an American Idiot (Green Day) where it's like there's a play going on, but bigger in terms of a bold statement."

American Slang, like The '59 Sound was produced by Ted Hutt, and there was no change in the band's lineup, which leaves me hopeful that this album, though bigger, will be a similar throwback to alternative rock mixed with old time rock and roll in that way that The Gaslight Anthem and the Hold Steady seem to be able to manage.

Stream the new single, "American Slang," on the myspace page.

The Gaslight Anthem unveil 'American Slang'.

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