March 23, 2010

Anoop Desai (From American Idol Season 8) has a new club hit called "My Name"... maybe.

Anoop Desai's new album is coming out in May (I didn't know it was getting made), and his new single, "My Name," is part Slumdog Millionaire part Justin Timberlake. I fully expect that college bars around the nation will be playing this to death, at which point it will be remixed, and then the dance clubs will overplay it. But first, get ready to hear too much of it on your local pop radio station, for those in Chicago, it will probably be on The Mix soon.

That being said, it's really catchy, and actually a lot of fun to listen to, at least the first couple times around. I'm looking forward to hearing the rest of the album, it's definitely an album that has to come out in the summer. I'm not sure that it will really be a chart-topping record that will last past that, but it will be fun for a while.

If you're interested, Anoop did an interview with People about the song, and the rest of the album.

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