March 29, 2010

Rachel Weisz to play Bond Villain; Godzilla Back? Oh no...

It seems that the two big rumors floating around the film industry are just bad. First things first, Rachel Weisz is, according to Cinema Blend, in consideration for the role of the next James Bond villain. While I'm okay with Rachel Weisz in pretty much anything 90% of the time, I'm not so on board with her as a villain, never mind in a movie series like James Bond.

While I'm excited to see how this plays out because it means we're taking another step towards a new Bond film, and CB was quick to point out that this is just a rumor, I'm not so sure about this casting decision, even if it is just the beginning.

Next, Legnedary Pictures, in a press release, announced that they will be filming a new installment of the once thought to be dead forever Godzilla series. One, I didn't know that this was actually a series. Two, I didn't know that anyone in their right minds would consider making a new installment of it. It seems that Legendary, who were behind 300, the Batman reboot, and other notable films from the past few years, are going to team with Warner Bros. to try and turn Godzilla into a brand again.

If they're true to form with this type of film, we'll see a much darker version this time, as opposed to something that could just as easily be animated. Also, though the thought of seeing the big green monster may scare American moviegoers a bit, the Japanese market might just be primed for a quality remake.

Release date is speculated to be sometime in 2012, and the production team stretches across two continents, so that should be an interesting working environment. All joking aside though, let's hope they leave the Wallflowers out of this one.

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