April 2, 2010

Ryan Reynolds cast as lead in 'R.I.P.D.'

Ryan Reynolds has been cast to play the role of lead detective Nick Cruz in this adaptation of the comic (short for Rest In Peace Department). Though there has been a director, David Dobkin, attached the project for years, it seemed like this movie was never going to be made.

However, as of today, production has been hinted as early as January 2011, according to Collider. Scripted by Matt Manfredi and Phil Hay, the movie is the underworld buddy comedy. Apparently, Reynolds' character is part of a pair of dead "cops" tasked with keeping dead people from disturbing the living.

I'm not sure how this is all going to work out, because I've never really been a comic book fan, but Reynolds has great comedic timing, and whoever they end up casting to play his cynical long-dead partner will probably be able to play off of that, unless it's Tracy Morgan, who would just steal the show. With any luck, production will go forward faster now that they're actually attaching front-of-camera talent, and we'll see some information about how things are progressing a little sooner.

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